November 22, 2009

In the beginning

There was pizza. Every day -- for two weeks.

Il Pizzaiolo, Florence
  You'd be excited to eat pizza everyday too.

But after two weeks, OMG I needed some variety people. Traveling through northern Italy for an amazing honeymoon with my new husband Chris, I was actually homesick for my second love: Atlanta. And my kitchen.

So, with a browser delightfully empty of bookmarked wedding blogs and a sister living less than a block away, it's time to get down to business: living, cooking and blogging.

Though if you're ever curious, feel free to peep into that year of my life dominated by invitations, rings, and omg the placecards are IVORY?! I wrote the wedding blog with a dear friend who also married this fall. In fact, it is possible I may even write a few more posts over there to spare you from the gory details of our party to end all parties.

But not to worry, plenty of happenings, recipes and such to be had over here! Stay tuned.