December 8, 2009

Salting your chocolate, aka Let me change your life today.

We all can appreciate the simple chocolate bar, elixir of women everywhere. For the most part, I would agree that those Mayans really had it all figured out [except of course, for that lasting civilization bit].


Though lately, my dear old friend Dark Chocolate has gotten a bit tired. Predictable even.

During the grueling search for a rehearsal dinner location, we endured dozens of dinners out in the city. But we were rewarded by the discovery of Ecco's delicious olive oil gelato with salty caramel and chocolate. It was inspirational, along the lines of the fleur de sel caramels and chocolates everywhere.

So at home I learned, all it needs is salt.

I preached the gospel of salty chocolate at the Thanksgiving table, and found many eager converts. Give it a try, you will never go back.