February 13, 2010

What I ate for dinner


This is my easy-fake-getting-veggies-into-meals ploy.  I buy some pizza dough from Trader Joe's, mince garlic to spread on the crust, cover with sauce, then comes the secret. Load that sucker with raw spinach. Really, I mound it up. Then add cheese, and I prefer tomato and red pepper, but you can choose what you want. A final dusting of cheese and bake at 475 degrees for about 10 minutes. The spinach wilts down into a delicious base that melds with the garlic and tomato sauce into something that doesn't resemble healthy anymore.

Top it off with a chocolate coated salted caramel square from Cacao Atlanta in Inman Park, Atlanta's very own chocolatier. Kristen Hard not only sources all her own beans by traveling to individual countries, she roasts them and creates all these amazingly beautiful chocolates. Nic and I hit the shop during Atlanta's blizzard yesterday for some spicy hot chocolate. SnOMG was never a better description.


misscassidy said...

Wow. That looks fabulous. Any suggestions on other good, quick pizza doughs?

Kate said...

Thanks misscassidy! Some grocery stores do carry dough in the bakery section, otherwise some pre-made ones are alright, or just making lots of dough and freezing it. Though I'm rarely thinking ahead enough :)