July 30, 2010

What I've been eating lately

Some of the things I eat aren't worth an entire post, but definitely worthy to share. These are a few things I've come across recently.

This ridiculous looking package with indecipherable Russian contained one of the best things I've eaten all month. I went on an adventure to the Buford Highway Farmer's Market, mecca of international foods and weird looking fruits. This was in a freezer case on one end of an aisle, containing about 30 different types of FROZEN CHEESECAKE. There were all kinds of flavors- chocolate, regular, cherry, all sorts of fruits, including a few questionable translations. I chose this one, plain cheesecake with cherry filling and wrapped in chocolate. It was soft, creamy, not frozen hard, and beautiful. I'll be returning for a case later.

Atlanta Fresh Yogurt
The best Greek yogurt I've ever had- locally made, fabulously successful as they are cute. I get mine at the Peachtree Road Farmer's Market, they also sell at a variety of local stores. The plain 2% is my favorite, but the flavored ones actually have real fruit flavor not artificial tasting, cancer causing flavors. Peach Ginger? Mixed Berry? Black Cherry and Port Wine? Yes, please.

Olive & Sinclair chocolate
Aside from having a beautiful, interesting packaging that carries onto an intricately stamped chocolate bar, this is great stuff. Semi-local, from Nashville, with loads of interesting flavors- I picked Salt & Pepper, a dark chocolate bar with loads of coarsely ground salt and pepper pressed on the backside. Doesn't quite top Cacao for me, but that's less than 2 miles from me. Talk about local.

Westside Creamery

I'm on a local kick recently, and Westside Creamery absolutely fits the bill. Maggie Rentz and Greg Smith source all their ingredients locally and make their small batch artisanal ice creams and sorbets in town. And they are fabulous- I've tried their gingersnap and peach ice cream sandwich and the chocolate chip and banana sandwich. Oh my. They are wonderful. Greg was kind enough to give me samples of about every flavor they had, and not judge when I stalked the truck twice in one week. Maggie shares my love for Lil Wayne on twitter- they are obviously legit.

Food Events:
Urban Picnic as presented by the Atlanta Street Food Coalition

Atlanta's street food scene is growing stronger with every farmer's market, event, and especially these- a picnic at the Sweet Auburn Market today from 11AM to 2PM where just about every known street food vendor will be to share their food. I have been wanting to check one out for a while, I support the movement to make street food legal and more accessible in Atlanta wholeheartedly.

Downtown Restaurant Week

July 26th - August 8th, some downtown Atlanta restaurants are offering special 3-course menus for $25 or $35 per person. I love these- what a great way to try out a new restaurant. There are a variety of different types of restos to check out- French, Mediterranean, Mexican, a brewery, Thai, sushi and more.

This ought to be called the "What I've Been Eating- Dairy and Chocolate Edition," but do know that I receive no information from 3rd parties or any kind of promotional materials for this post- I genuinely love these products and events, and think they are share worthy to support local producers, events, and vendors.
Have a great weekend!