November 25, 2009

Whisking Away: Slapsgiving in CA

The past two years we pulled off the ultimate coup d'etat by convincing both my family and Chris' family come to our place for Thanksgiving. Rather than trying to split our time flying half way across the country or all the way across the country, they both showed up at our doorstep and I could cook my happy little non-traditional meal. Sleep in my own bed. Avoid suburbia.

But this year, we're headed to California to see the reason Chris' best man was absent from our wedding last month.

I think we've found a superior alternative to Butterball.

Instead of getting the extremely-recently-married-Thanksgiving-travel-pass, we're off to the OC to meet our nephew and teach him how to pronounce Aunt [distinctly different from the picnic-ravaging insect in my opinion]. And there will surely be serious lobbying for Thanksgiving ATL 2010.

So in the spirit of spending the holiday with your new and interesting collection of friends and family, may you discover the true meaning of Slapsgiving.