December 18, 2009

DH's Conribution: Holiday Punch

This round relic of parties past made it's way into our home along with the rest of the wedding loot. It is a simply gorgeous globe, not to be sullied by the soda and sherbert of high school proms. It's so darn pretty that I'm worried about becoming punched out, branded the hosts-who-only-serve-communally, or accused of encouraging guests to drink the Kool Aid (or possibly running out of punch puns?).

But I'd be happy to only use it once a year (and at that price, feel absolutely no guilt at all). Though unfortunately, spirits and I are sworn frenemies. Thus, Dear Husband volunteered to play mixologist and inaugurate that beautiful bowl.

Here, Kate is enjoying a glass of punch. She really enjoyed this punch, as did we all, actually. You might say this drink lived up to it's forceful name. It seems we are in transition from the college keggers of (recent) yore, toward the formal dinner parties of our (distant) future. 'Til then, it's finger foods and booze disguised in classy vehicles like belgian beer or gigantic bowls of liquor.

Holiday Champagne Punch
Serves 10 (recommendation to double the recipe if those ten are your college bffs)

4 oz. Cointreau
4 oz. brandy
2 bottles chilled champagne
2 oranges, cut into rounds, reserving one half for juicing
1 cup frozen cranberries (optional)

1. Chill the champagne in advance, or make a big block of ice in advance.
2. Add Cointreau and brandy to punch bowl. Squeeze in one half orange juice. Using a ladle or long spoon, stir briefly.
3. Add orange slices and cranberries and then pour in the champagne.
4. Stir 12 times and let sit for a minute, so the ingredients can get acquainted.