December 2, 2009

Texas Recap

This is actually from 2005...but you get the idea

And so I returned. I felt like Odysseus in the Odyssey, vaguely. After 11 months away from the great state of Texas, it was time to head back for Thanksgiving. For a week I ate, cooked, napped, looked at home construction sites, and heard stories from the farm.

Thanksgiving's Cranberry Compost from my Aunt Karen Crocker

Across the highway from my parent's neighborhood

This is that that fence contains. A herd of buffalo. And just beyond the hump is the second part of the herd, a camel. As a gift of a Sheik to the man who owns these buffalo and land, Ross Perot Jr.
This is a true story.

Soon enough both Nic and I will return for Christmas festivities. Stayed tuned for more Texas adventures.