August 29, 2010

Frozen Peach Pie

I first stumbled across this recipe at a demonstration of 'healthy' foods at the Piedmont Park Green Market. A healthy and frosty treat? Sounded too good to be true. Sadly, it was. Non-dairy whipped topping (aka: Cool Whip)? Dude, it's hydrogenated vegetable oil and high fructose corn syrup. But not to worry, this no-bake pie is easily remedied with homemade stabilized whipped cream.

Have I mentioned that use of the oven is banned between the Fourth of July and Labor Day weekend? Thus, frozen peach pie has become my standard summer holiday potluck offering. Enjoy a slice of the season.

Frozen Peach Pie
Makes one big, summery pie

1 graham cracker pie crust (store bought or homemade)
3-4 ripe peaches
1 pint heavy cream
1 teaspoon gelatin
2 tablespoons water
2 tablespoons powdered sugar
Splash of vanilla extract
Pinch of cinnamon (optional)
8 oz light cream cheese, SOFTENED (v. important)

1. Pit and dice peaches.

2. Boil two tablespoons of water, then add gelatin to dissolve. Allow to cool to room temperature.

3. Whip cream with either a whisk, hand mixer or stand mixer. When cream is halfway thickened, add powdered sugar, vanilla, cinnamon and gelatin. Whip to medium-firm peaks. Mix in softened cream cheese until just barely combined.

4. Gently fold 3/4 of the fruit into cream mixture. Spoon into pie crust. Top with remaining peach pieces.

5. Freeze pie for at least two hours. Let thaw for five minutes before cutting to serve.